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The Hunger Games Minimalist

i will have to be whole

The Second Quarter Quell (x)

the world will be watching  ♐ thg challenge

13.  favorite weapon → nightlock
‘Peeta has me by the arm, pushing me toward a tree. “Climb. He’ll be here soon.” I stop him, suddenly calm. “No, Peeta, she’s your kill, not Cato’s.” “What? I haven’t seen her since the first day,” he says. “How could I have killed her?” In answer, I hold out the berries.’

look outside your window

now there’s no way I’ll let you go

come away little lamb
come away to the water 

Title: UnknownMorning Light
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: UnknownAll For You
Played: 1239 times

Morning Light preview (original song)
by Justine

inspired by the relationships in the BBC series Sherlock, The Hunger Games, and the Syfy show Sanctuary; when you find someone who you let see you at your worst and they’d still have your back, that’s when you know you need them in your life.

falling off the deep end
becoming a little less human each day
and then you came

I was so lost
sitting in an empty room
waiting to be found

running through city lights
you took my hand
gave me someone who understands
what it’s like to be empty
what it’s like to be me

I never thought
I’d let anyone
look inside me and see
this darkness inside of me
we’ll face the day
it’ll be okay
come morning light
we’ll join the fight