Small Grey Outline Pointer

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this is my first texture set in a very, very long time. I am incredibly excited to get back into resource making and actually have a psd pack on the way! so stay tuned! I’m also working to replace a lot of my old texture links that no longer work, so please bear with me. my old computer crashed and it’s been difficult to get all my textures back. 



I didn’t actually think this day would come, but I was inspired to make a new texture set! Enjoy. (Also, I’m aware there’s lots of broken links on my resource page. Unfortunately, I lost my hard drive last year, but do have plans to replace a few of the links. Some of the oldest texture sets are lost though.)

mf | deviantart

deviantart | mf

smaller set this time, but enjoy! :)

mediafire | deviantart

rs | ms