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Title: UnknownBentleyVille Jingle
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
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Now for something totally different…

I’m submitting this as a contest entry for a little jingle/theme song to the Christmas Tour of Lights we have in Duluth, MN called Bentleyville (it’s basically the largest Christmas light display in the country and pictures don’t do it justice!). There’s no rules against sharing it, so I thought I’d let you guys in on my submission. Literally wrote, composed, and recorded this in the last couple of hours. Totally worth it though! If I win this contest, my song will be featured all over Bentleyville this Christmas, and I’ll get to record it in a studio! Plus there’s some secret prize involved. Ahh! :)

And yes, it’s kind of dumb and cheesy but that’s the point of a jingle. Plus, I hope I gave it a modern singer-songwriter touch since I have a feeling the other entries are going to sound very traditional like the current theme song. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! Super excited about this.

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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alright, here’s a little treat since you’ve all been so lovely about pressure point. this is a preview of a song I’m working on from John’s POV. i’m not even sure if this is what it will sound like in a few days when i revise and add and change lyrics, or if it will even be on the piano in the end. but it’s a much more tender song than pressure point. let me know what you think so far! hopefully the full version will be posted soon. 

oh and some lyrics, lol.

you were just an empty chair
and i was left ot sit and stare
it’s scary how it all just went so dull
i had to learn to feel again
i had to learn to start again
you were just an empty chair

i would have followed you into the flames
i would have followed you if you’d only stayed
but you left me here so broken 
and you left me here to mourn
oh you know it’s true
i would have followed you

Title: UnknownPressure Point
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
Played: 3761 times

Pressure Point
A Johnlock song from Sherlock’s POV

it’s the start of a story
the first written words
you and I against the world
our hearts racing in our veins
the two of us, the thrill of the chase

I had you right next to having more
but you weren’t ready to open that door

we fell apart
but we’re coming together all over again
the harder you press, the louder it pounds
like a drum beat in my head
you’re my pressure point, you’re my pressure point
you’re my pressure point (repeat)

but I’m not yours

they cut off my life line
they found it like a prize
uncovered my ruse, broke through my disguise
I thought that maybe you would wait
but she found and you found her
and I was too late 

(inspired by x
my other johnlock song x)

working on a new song.

summer breezes flow
in and out of my tired bones
i ache with longing

your little city so far away
doesn’t seem so far on a rainy day
it’s just dotted lines on a map
and i thought that lights would lead you back
but you’ve been gone for so long
and winter is so far gone
the evening sun makes me feel so alone

when will summer bring you home?

if i told you that i needed you
if i told you that i can’t live without you
if i told you that you’re in my thoughts
in my waking moments you just don’t stop
if i told you when you’re not here with me
those little things don’t seem so funny
if i told you that i’m moving on
even if it’s a lie would you carry on
if this long and lonely summer ever ends
would you come home again

or should i tell you to be happy
should i set you free?

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 139 times

not entirely sure what this is. I wrote it after watching the BSG finale. acapella.

be free on the water
be loved by the daughter
soar over your new land
reach out for a dying hand
go out and create
build and grow and cultivate
some will climb and some will rest
some will cross the wilderness*
be free on the ocean
be loved by the son

*I think I sang ‘be blessed’ instead. 

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 1161 times

draft of an Amy and Eleven song I’m working on, based off of that breathtaking scene in The Power of Three. hope you like what I have so far! I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Ponds. :(

your’e all grown up
and all moved out
you have a life for yourself
can’t decide if you want to paint
in colorful or shades of gray

don’t talk about your feelings
keep them safely tucked inside
we’re alike, you and I

I took your hand and held on tight
your fingers wrapped through mine
it’s a rare occasion but it’s so right

I’m coming home
before I watch you fade
I’m running to you
before you run away
thought I’d tell you how I feel
before you go and I’m
all alone my dear
all alone my dear 

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 809 times

writing a new song tonight. kinda based off of CS Lewis.

can’t go to bed
with fireflies in my head
I close my eyes
and I see star dust
dreams of another life
in another place
it’s always the same

maybe I’m not made for this world
this longing inside me is hungry for more
my heart is singing
singing the song
of those who dreamed before me 

I need your help, in other news, to describe my sound. I don’t know what it is. I need a genre so I can submit some music to something. Help?

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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this is a song I wrote ages ago that I’m only now getting around to sharing on tumblr. it’s upbeat and I have a little more fun with my guitar. check out my music tag for more of my music.

I also had the honor of singing this song (and a few others) for the actor Chris Heyerdahl. so, yeah. lots of excitement comes with this song.

you set me free (original)

by justine

it’s nights like these i miss the stars the most
shrouded in stormy clouds
dimmed heavenly hosts
the rain is falling and all i wanna do is break free

and i reach
and you raise me up to stand
i climb
and you lift me from this unmoving land

i wanna catch a falling star
and put it in my pocket
i wanna shine for you like it
shines for me every day

and i reach
and you raise me up to stand
oh i climb
and you lift me from this unmoving land

in those hours when i was cold
you raised me from the storm
and brought me home
wrapped me in your arms
and you set me free

i reached
and you raised me up to stand
i climbed
and you lifted me from this unmoving land

i lept
and you gave me wings to sore
i flew
and you gave me strength to endure more

it’s nights like these i miss the stars the most
shrouded in stormy clouds
dimmed heavenly hosts

I’d love if you became my fan on Reverb Nation! Some day soon, I hope my crappy acoustic recordings will be replaced with studio recordings (it’s going to happen soon!). But enjoy what I have for now. :)

Title: UnknownYou Are Moving
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: UnknownBe Still And Know
Played: 90 times

This is a contemporary Christian song that I wrote for an Easter service at church after the tsunami in Japan hit. We had several missionary families that were directly involved in the disaster, so it was something that I felt touched to write about. I don’t identify as Christian; despite my Christian upbringing, I feel a much greater tug towards faith and spirituality, and am always on the soul-searching quest of discovering just what it is I believe. So don’t feel pressured to listen if this isn’t your thing. I completely understand. Each to their own and so forth. The recording from the service was recently given to me, so I figured I’d upload it. Quality isn’t the greatest, but I hope you enjoy! :)

You Are Moving (download)
by Justine

you are moving
I can see it
disaster strikes and they reach out with a cry
you are moving
I can feel it
the earth quakes in fear of you, Lord

but the King of Kings had to die
he prayed “father”
he was scared like you and I
but he had the faith to know
that when they rolled that stone away
there would be no rotting body in the grave

you are moving
over the oceans
the waves leave behind debris and destruction
but you are moving
it’s been spoken
your hand it guides the healers as they tend to to the broken

but mighty Jesus had to die
He prayed until beads of blood rolled down his eye
but he had the strength to understand
that his god was stronger than the nails
pounded in his hand

but our Lord, he had to die
he was nailed upon the cross
and crucified
his blood shed for our sins
that we might live again with him