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Title: UnknownLet It Go (Soprano Cover)
Artist: UnknownJustine
Album: Unknown
Played: 704 times

I’m finally taking voice lessons again at university, and we just started working on a soprano version of the much overplayed Let It Go. My professor raised it two keys. As this is only week one, I’m excited to see how this song sounds at the end of the semester. That high, belting F# and I are battling just a bit right now. 

SO… enjoy my soprano rendition of Let It Go. :) I’ve recorded the original one before, but this one, despite the battles I’m working on, is so much more comfortable to sing than the original very low key. 

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 490 times


"On My Own" (from Les Mis)

I love this song since I can remember. Maybe some day I’ll get to play the part of Eponine, but for now, please enjoy my recording. It’s not perfect. I did this in one take, so please forgive any little background noises (and the fact that I didn’t hold the last note long enough, oops!). 

I hope you enjoy my rendition. :) And sorry if you saw this twice. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version, lol.

Title: Unknownpart of your world (little mermaid cover)
Artist: Unknownjustine
Album: Unknown
Played: 539 times

I put my Disney princess hat (well, fin?) on for this one. A while back I did a piano cover version of this song and that was with no practice and a bad recording, and a few of you really liked it.. So I figured I’d do a recording of this with the backtrack for real this time. I like how it turned out! This has always been one of my fav Disney songs to sing! Let me know what you think. :)

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 139 times

Lady Antebellum cover
Just a Kiss

I’m glad to hear I have some country fans on my tumblr! Thanks for your advice. I went ahead and did recorded a little something. A duet with myself (sad!). Didn’t have a lot of time, but I really like this song. 

My acoustic cover of Wrecking Ball. I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Feel free to share if you like. Thanks, guys. Enjoy!

Title: UnknownBentleyVille Jingle
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
Played: 199 times

Now for something totally different…

I’m submitting this as a contest entry for a little jingle/theme song to the Christmas Tour of Lights we have in Duluth, MN called Bentleyville (it’s basically the largest Christmas light display in the country and pictures don’t do it justice!). There’s no rules against sharing it, so I thought I’d let you guys in on my submission. Literally wrote, composed, and recorded this in the last couple of hours. Totally worth it though! If I win this contest, my song will be featured all over Bentleyville this Christmas, and I’ll get to record it in a studio! Plus there’s some secret prize involved. Ahh! :)

And yes, it’s kind of dumb and cheesy but that’s the point of a jingle. Plus, I hope I gave it a modern singer-songwriter touch since I have a feeling the other entries are going to sound very traditional like the current theme song. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! Super excited about this.


first video “no one’s gonna stop me”. I have a ton of clips, especially towards the end. ahhhhhhhhhh. 

i’m not ok

Title: UnknownBrave
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 239 times

Just a quick cover I did of one of my favorite Idina Menzel songs, Brave! Sorry the last part fades out. The recording got corrupted somehow and I didn’t have time to re-record the last bridge/chorus. :( But I hope you enjoy the 2/3rds of the song that were okay. 

And if you guys are just becoming fans of Queen Idina, you NEED to check out her album I Stand. It’s so great. There’s a lot of gems on it!

Title: UnknownLet It Go (Frozen Cover)
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
Played: 1109 times

Let It Go (Frozen cover!) by ME! :)

I’d love to know what you think. I know this song is probably better suited towards a different type of voice, but I absolutely love this song and I adore Elsa and Idina Menzel and wanted to cover this for ages. So here you go! 

Title: UnknownIt's Time (Imagine Dragons Cover)
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
Played: 2559 times

» It’s Time (Imagine Dragons Cover)
» soundcloud | download (coming soon!)

Acoustic cover of Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time”. Piano, guitar, keyboard, vocals, and harmonies all performed by me.