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can we just talk about amanda’s facial expressions pleASE

for the love of god it’s 2014 wHY ARE THERE NO SHERLOCK BLOOPERS??????

skdfjlksdj can you imagine sherlock all mussed from sleep with his mop of curls just sort of shyly crawling into john’s bed for snuggles one morning with his head down and not even saying anything and john just grunts and wakes up and wraps his arms around him and goes back to sleep 

i’m just failing 100% at getting into a show as much as i am into sherlock. WHICH IS KIND OF INCONVENIENT CONSIDERING THE WHOLE 2 YEAR HIATUS THING. 

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if you’re a Sherlock fan in the states and you live in or near Minnesota (or anywhere in the upper Midwest or in bordering areas of Canada) and are willing to commute for a meetup - please leave me an ask! I want to arrange this more badly than I need air. 

We could have a series 3 watch and bring baked goods and maybe even dress up if you want but you don’t have to! And just talk and fan over our favorite show. 



I keep thinking… if Mary had actually intended to kill Sherlock, she could have so easily done it at the hospital. She was alone with him. She’s resourceful and clever and if she had actually, truly intended to kill him, one little needle injection or one little drip of something into his IV and it all would have been over.  

I was also thinking, why shoot him in the chest/stomach then? Why not somewhere way less fatal? I get that where she shot him wasn’t immediate, like shooting him in the head, and I used to just cough this up to bad writing. But let’s say that in that moment that she finds out John is going to be there any second, realizes she has to shoot Sherlock if he moves to disarm her (which he did), she will no doubt react. And if she DID shoot him in the shoulder, or the leg, or somewhere with no vital organs, what conclusions would the police and JOHN draw about the shooter? 

This answers it for me, finally. I can finally understand a little more. 

If Mary had shot Sherlock in the leg, for instance, you would assume that the killer knew Sherlock and had no intention of shooting him. That would narrow the list down faster than she was comfortable with. She needed to buy time and hope that Sherlock pulled through so that she could reason with him. At least part of her hoped that she’d be able to, otherwise she WOULD have taken the kill shot to the head. Let’s not kid ourselves. There was a quick, easy way out of this, but Mary felt sentiment. With the decision already made up that John couldn’t find out, and Sherlock taking the slightest step towards her with no doubts the intent to disarm her, she shot Sherlock in a place that would be risky but not necessarily lethal given the fact that he’d have medical attention eight minutes later. 

Also note that she looks entirely like she’s faking her surprise at Sherlock’s recovery when John first breaks the news to her. I do think she expected him to pull through, even if it would be a huge risk. 

The only problem I have following suit is the fact that she brandishes her gun at Sherlock in the empty house in Leinster Gardens. Perhaps just sloppy writing at this point, but I feel like if she didn’t try to kill him again or explicitly threaten him at the hospital, she wouldn’t be doing so here unless she felt under serious threat. I can only conclude she wanted to scare him into not telling John. I truly don’t believe she intended to hurt him at this point, but you can obviously believe whatever you feel led to. 

So I think the context clearly isn’t lying to us; she really wasn’t trying to kill him, only buy herself time to reason with him. Perhaps the writing is a tad sloppy and could have been more cleanly delivered? However, this doesn’t make her decision any less selfish, and people are more than allowed to dislike her for that. I just wanted to settle the question a little bit more of why she shot him in an area with vital organs if she didn’t want him dead. Personally, her selfishness does not impede on my love for her at all. She’s leaps and bounds for a Moffat woman, and SO well-rounded, complex, and interesting. Plus, her manipulation of John, while inexcusable, is something Sherlock has done more than once (but most prominently the time he faked his own death right in front of him despite Mycroft having already bought off the gunmen; also remember the time he STEPPED on the serial killer’s gun wound to cause pain while he was dying?)). But fandom still loves him. The thing about Mary is, she fits perfectly into these character’s lives, and I hope that once people get over their initial anger at her for shooting Sherlock and try to examine her objectively, they share my opinion.

Minnesota and upper-Midwest Sherlock fans. Let’s do a meet up?

Anonymous asked:

doesn't it bother you that sherlock misuses the word psychopath ALL the bloody time?

hmm, not really, no. it’s all to do with context. half of the time it’s normal characters misusing it, not the narrative dictating what a psychopath is (i.e. mary’s ex “you’re a bloody psychopath!”). and usually, the word is being used in an ignorant, accusatory way by characters, and they are then corrected. 

sherlock’s little “hmm, yes” to john’s question is a bit tongue in cheek, too. he doesn’t ACTUALLY think that every person john’s ever met is a psychopath for instance, he’s just making a point that john drifts towards a certain type of person.

also, it’s important to note sherlock isn’t even a high-functioning sociopath; he just thinks he is/would like to be one. i rejoiced the day that moffat did an interview about that and cleared things up, because i’ve always said it since day one. 

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↳ "I may be on the side of the angels, but do not think for one second that I am one of them."