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sometimes i just random really miss sanctuary.

This is actually my gif. I’d appreciate if you didn’t repost things as your own. Thank you for understanding. 

I don’t know how many Magnus/Will shippers there are left after the series Sanctuary ended, but I’ve been having such feels for them lately. Like beyond words. Probably because I’ve been rewatching the show. It hurts but it also brings back such good memories, too! I was listening to The Fray (who are a very Magnus/Will band for me), and it strikes me that the song “Never Say Never” is probably still my theme song for them.

Picture, you’re the queen of everything
As far as the eye can see
Under your command
I will be your guardian
When all is crumbling
I steady your hand

I’ve been watching so much Sanctuary lately that hearing Amanda’s real voice without the accent actually just sounded weird to me. 

god will bless you and your face and your family and your cow if you write fic here 

i just really hate that the ship that touched me most out of all my years of shipping is from a fairly obscure show and has quite a small fandom and it’s been off the air for a while there’s ALMOST NO ONE TO SOB WITH WHEN I RANDOMLY HAVE FEELINGS ARISE I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS

i have all these sanctuary and hotwrong feels AFTER ALL THIS TIMEE


Amanda and Robin were so fucking shady about a Sanctuary movie. Something is happening. Something is definitely happening. 

watching tempus and i need someone to understand my helen/james feels omfg

I don’t know how many sanctuary fans follow me but WOW I REALLY MISS THIS SHOW AND KIND OF WANT TO ORGANIZE A REWATCH