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got my spaceship, got my boys 

married couples in the tardis → a british television comedy about a man who travels the cosmos with his wife and his in-laws

Fishy things surrounding Rory Williams


Okay, I’m not going to say he’s the Master as many people are doing, since that theory has been thrown about since 2005 for every male character, and it’s getting a little boring. So lets ignore that theory for a moment. Here’s a list of things that don’t quite add up about Mr. Pond.

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Maybe it’s because he has an extra thousand years in that head of his? Or maybe he actually did die a long time ago, and what’s with us now is a shell, like a star that blew up a long time ago but we’re still seeing it exploding. 

i’d rip time apart for you
amy x rory → requested by uzeous 

the mad, impossible ponds—
— the wedding of river song

discussion on women in television

This is a random meta post, but does anyone else realize that there seems to generally be only two types of female characters in television? There’s the badass ones that we all love. They’re cops, special agents, doctors, scientists, and just overall intelligent women, most of whom know how to use a gun or some weapon of choice. And usually, they’re either socially awkward or emotionally stunted.

The other type is the dumb blonde; a seemingly normal woman who isn’t particularly smart, but because of her “stupidity”, usually makes a fool of herself and sacrifices all dignity. Her unintelligent behavior is usually the catalyst for humor. She’s too ditzy, too slutty, or too emotional.

Why does there rarely seem to be someone in-between? You know, someone normal.

You don’t have to have a PhD or a fancy title to be smart. And you don’t have to make a fool of yourself if you aren’t particularly intelligent. Where are these characters? I mean, I could probably list one or two from the variety of shows I watch, but it’s usually such a black and white characterization. And as much as I like all these badass women, I’d love to see some more grey area. An average Jane, if you will, who uses her God-given skills and abilities, no matter how unimpressive they may seem to be, to maneuver her way out of whatever conflict she’s facing. Maybe she’s a librarian, or a school teacher, or a telemarketer. Maybe she’s a waitress or a stay at home mom. She’s not extremely out-spoken, and has never been identified as headstrong, so there’s room for growth and development in her arc.

I just find it insanely odd how few female characters I can actually relate to. I think Rory Williams from Doctor Who is the closest, and he’s male. I did, however, find Donna Noble (also from DW) to be one of the easiest to relate to of the companions.

I’m all about empowering women; smart women, strong women, badass women. I’m a feminist. But not all women ARE smarter than others, stronger than most, and utterly badass. Some are quiet, indifferent, afraid, and average. I firmly believe that “normal” women could be portrayed interestingly on television (not high school dramas or comedies, but adult plot-driven shows), because they’d give the majority of viewers, not necessarily someone to admire, but someone to relate to.

I’d rip time apart for you.

— 6x08 “Let’s Kill Hitler”