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(x) <— new textures! enjoy and make pretty things. i hope these inspire. 
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this is my first texture set in a very, very long time. I am incredibly excited to get back into resource making and actually have a psd pack on the way! so stay tuned! I’m also working to replace a lot of my old texture links that no longer work, so please bear with me. my old computer crashed and it’s been difficult to get all my textures back. 



I didn’t actually think this day would come, but I was inspired to make a new texture set! Enjoy. (Also, I’m aware there’s lots of broken links on my resource page. Unfortunately, I lost my hard drive last year, but do have plans to replace a few of the links. Some of the oldest texture sets are lost though.)

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smaller set this time, but enjoy! :)

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I recently did a really brief gif tutorial where I talked about an action I used to resize, brighten, and sharpen the caps I use in my gifs. I’ve had a lot of questions regarding that action (where you can get it, how you can make it, etc.), so I’m going to walk you through how to create actions and use them. I’m not always the best at explaining things, but I hope you can follow along well enough. 

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