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Title: Unknown
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
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"Letting Go"
by Justine B.

I never entertained the thought of
seeing you with more than
these friendly eyes
you’re so familiar
feel like home
but suddenly

you walked out of the door
with another head on your shoulder
it was then I knew you’d
never be mine
because when you’re with her
your smile’s so bright

I’m reaching, falling, changing
loving you
you’re drifting, leaving, finding love
and starting anew
if I had realized sooner
would it have changed a thing?
or was the one you always dreamed of
never me, never me?

a couple weeks ago, I posted about a guy I never got over and how I just found out he’s getting engaged. I was gonna write sad songs about it. well, my attitude’s changed. I’m not the one who missed a fucking awesome chance, he is.

I see you are engaged
well I’m happy for you
you were never
one of my mistakes
if only you could see me now
you missed a chance on me
not the other way around

oh hey look, you got two kids
well congratulations
you were never a hit or miss
just a learning experience
maybe I haven’t really moved on
but I’m still standing now that you are gone

back then ‘once upon a time’
always had a happy ending