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margheriitas asked:

Justineeeeee what font did you use on your double exposure tutorial banner?

American Purpose :)

Anonymous asked:

did you use topaz for this? if so, what are you settings? /post/31695723599

I don’t have Topaz. To get a blurry effect, I did these things once I was done coloring:

  • select all -> copy merged -> paste
  • set that layer to soft light, apply a gaussian blur of 20, and desaturate
  • select all -> copy merged again -> paste
  • go to filter -> noise -> reduce noise

I don’t remember my exact settings, but I didn’t use a strength of more than a 5, and I increased my “preserve details” and “sharpen” options.

could you someday do a brief tutorial on how to get this effect if you don't mind? /post/29507733184/the-woman-professionally it doesn't have to be now! whenever you have a little time I'd appreciate it :) thanks a lot and if you didn't notice by now I'm in love with your edits :P

To be honest, that is SUPER easy, so let me just lay it out in a few steps.

  • I extended the background by selecting the cap above her head and then ctrl+t to stretch it to the top. You may need to use the blur tool to smooth out some rugged parts. 
  • The coloring was easy and if I remember, I mostly used curves and soft light layers (a soft pink and a light brown set to soft light). Probably a tiny bit of color balance. But it was under ten layers, I remember.
  • Then I went to blur -> motion blur and applied a light blur to the image (after I flattened it/merged my layers). 
  • After that, I went to filter -> artistic -> film grain and it looks like a grain of 2. Not sure what my highlights were though. 
  • I used a texture from set to multiply, although I’m not sure which one. But there’s so many beautiful choices at that website!
  • The text was easy. Times New Roman and rotated (ctrl+t), plus I used the marquee tool to make white rectangles. 

I hope this helps!

Anonymous asked:

Hello. :) I'm terribly sorry if you answered this before but are there any big differences between CS5 and CS6? I'm considering upgrading and I was wondering if you think it's worth it.

The layout is more user friendly, imo. And if you like to utilize Photoshop for different things at one time (like painting, or typography, or animation, or photography), there’s templates that will help you have the right tools and windows open without the extra fuss. I really like it! 

Other than that, there’s a few new features that I’ve barely delved into, but I quite like the overall appearance more. :)

hiddlestorv asked:

Hey, since you're answering photoshop questions I was wondering what do you do to make those graphics where it looks like the pixels are like breaking apart, like if an object is breaking into pieces. I've seen this "effect" once on a Tardis, I don't know if you know what I'm talking about ):

What do you use Bridge for?

With 64bit, you can’t load video files, so I use KMPlayer to cap, and Bridge to choose my caps. This is kind of hard to explain, but if, let’s say, each individual cap needs separate editing for some reason (I’m blanking, but let’s say the background needs to be blacked out or the subject needs to be cut out), I just open them one by one and use an action to edit the caps/combine them into a single file. But if they don’t, you can use Bridge to load multiple images into a single file automatically. 

Anonymous asked:

im not sure how to put this, but, where do you find/download the gifs that you like, edit, and upload?

um… if I’m understanding you correctly, I make my own from the highest quality video files I can find. I generally don’t gif anything below a 720. 

I use KMPlayer, Bridge, and CS6 to gif.

lanadelcunt asked:

on that tutorial how to make a border, how do you change the color of the border? because idk how

Just like you’d change the color of a font! After you rasterize it, you have less control, but you can still use tools like curves or color balance.

Hello! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if you could tell me what font did you use for this graphic: /post/29605690520/london-would-fall ? I would really really appreciate it! Thanks a lot in advance! :)

I believe it was casque :)

faunbot asked:

quick question about silhouettes and making selections in general: what on earth do you do with people like alex kingston who simply have hair that makes photoshopping so incredibly difficult?

that’s a tricky one. the nice thing about silhouettes, is that you don’t need EVERY single strand of hair like you would if you weren’t going to black out the silhouette. so… really just use more anchors with your pen tool, curling around what you would think would be the main curls? if that makes sense. I can try to demonstrate if you want me to.