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how did you make your sherlock longing gifs look so dreamy? idk how else to describe it. they look soft even though they're sharp.

I think I understand what you mean. 

  • Once my coloring was done, I ctrl+a (select all) and ctrl+shift+c (copy merged, which copies the entire product, not just one layer). I pasted on top of everything and set a gaussian blur of 4.8. Then I just left the very edges of the gif blurred and anything that was pixelated from the coloring (blacks a lot of time get kind of messed up with bright coloring, so I left a little blur over Sherlock’s suit). 
  • I also have this little secret to ‘soften’ things. I like to grab random parts of the gif and lightly color over the same area with a brighter, soft, semi-transparent brush. I don’t know how to explain this well! But let’s say the background is a slightly bright green. I grab the color with my dropper tool, and then slide the color up to a few shades brighter. Then I take a soft, round brush tool, lower the opacity, and paint over the same area with it. I do this for the background to brighten it, I do it to soften areas of pixelation and distortion, and I do it to just add something interesting over parts of people’s faces and bodies. I also use this trick while editing my photography. 

I hope this helps! Sorry if it’s not well explained. 

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this is my first texture set in a very, very long time. I am incredibly excited to get back into resource making and actually have a psd pack on the way! so stay tuned! I’m also working to replace a lot of my old texture links that no longer work, so please bear with me. my old computer crashed and it’s been difficult to get all my textures back. 


photoshop is suddenly not letting me resize in pixels. i’ve tried restarting it and fidgeting with a few presets, but i didn’t do anything drastic that i remember changing something in the first place. in fact, it’s not letting me resize by percent either. idk what’s going on. anyone have this problem before?

** turns out I cannot resize period. still looking for suggestions?



I’ve gotten a few questions asking how to do the ‘double exposure’ effect I used in this photoset. It’s super easy, and can literally be done in under ten layers, depending on how elaborate you want to be. 

To start off with, double exposure is one of my favorite photography and film tricks. If you’ve never seen it done, check out a lot of gorgeous examples here and be inspired. One of my favorite ways of using double exposure is taking a portrait and overlaying it with trees, so I wanted to do that for my Doctor Who artwork. 

Click the read more for the tutorial. :)

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smaller set this time, but enjoy! :)

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I recently did a really brief gif tutorial where I talked about an action I used to resize, brighten, and sharpen the caps I use in my gifs. I’ve had a lot of questions regarding that action (where you can get it, how you can make it, etc.), so I’m going to walk you through how to create actions and use them. I’m not always the best at explaining things, but I hope you can follow along well enough. 

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