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lrbcn asked:

Damn, that cover sounds specially good :D

Thank you! :D I sang it as karaoke the other night. Felt good.

lrbcn replied to your post: can anyone point me in the direction of breaking…

shadowofreflection.tumb… here?

tried there, but they don’t have it up yet. ah, well. thank you! I’ll just have to download the 720.

lrbcn asked:

Did they release the final version or are you using a beta for CS6? I'm still on CS5

I’m using beta, which from talks on the Adobe lab forums, is not going to be much different than the final version. Just a few tweaks.

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Are you wearing headphones? Because that’s the worst…


lordemort replied to your post: lol you guys. i legit was scrolling my dash and…

omfg i can’t stop laughing.


fiercepierces replied to your postlol you guys. i legit was scrolling my dash and…

omg i’ve actually done this too, not even kidding

SEE. I AM NOT CRAZY. or that just means we both are. lmao.

lrbcn replied to your postlol you guys. i legit was scrolling my dash and…

113years replied to your postlol you guys. i legit was scrolling my dash and…

it happens to the best of us XD

tyvm for the support guys. means a lot. XD

lrbcn asked:

Even though we like quite a few of the same shows, and even though we usually have very different opinions on those shows, I love how I can always have a nice and civil dialogue about them with you :) You really are a great person, J (post this)

OKAY POSTING. Yay! Me too, me, too. I love how nonabrasive you are when we have differing opinions. I enjoy discussing things with you because I don’t feel like you’re judging me or trying to spite me. Love you!

lrbcn asked:

lrbcn[.]tumblr[.]com/post/14690688385 in case I didn't send the link which I think I did but not sure lol

I didn’t get it, no. BUT THANK YOU. sdlkjsdlksj ♥

lrbcn asked:

Love the new icon :O

Thank you, bb! I’m in a Polivia mood. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

lrbcn replied to your post: I love your url! what other ones do you have reserved? jw. :)

I like yours better than the ones you have saved, tbh

I know, I know. But I love River and most of her variations are taken, and the other ones are either DW or Sanctuary references that really mean something to me. So I figure I’ll just hang onto them if I ever get bored with my current one (which I will never give up, even if I do change, lol).

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lrbcn asked:

I followed you because I was in love with your graphics on LJ so I already knew we had a bunch of fandoms in common and that I'd want all the pretty on my dash. It also gave me a chance to actually talk to you, which has been pretty nice too :)

You’re really, really sweet. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and this must commence further because you’re an honest, genuine person. And I really value that in a friend. We don’t have a ton of common interests, but since I’m not watching Glee much anymore, I get my Dianna fix from you. So thank you for that! And thanks for this message. ♥