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↳ "I may be on the side of the angels, but do not think for one second that I am one of them." 

my body wants series 3 john but my heart wants series 2 john for sherlock’s sake u get me?

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Let’s just all calm down a bit and really examine John’s character and realize that the choices he made are really fitting for him.

Okay, this may get lengthy. I’ll try to keep it fairly… not.

Everyone should really realize that months happened between Mary shooting Sherlock and John taking the first step to forgive her. Months that were probably spent with him living at Baker Street and her alone at their home in the suburbs. Months spent with silence and grief and anger and betrayal. Months spent with them not making eye contact at work while they discuss his next patient. Months where maybe one of them put in for a transfer. Months where Sherlock would keep doing stupid little things to try to make them get over their ‘domestic’, not realizing it’s so much more than that. Months of Mary doing Lamaze and shit all by herself because John still needed space and time. Months where he probably showed up on the doorstep to a divorce lawyer or to, only to turn back and then turn back around, and then turn back again (oscillation on the pavement means there’s a love affair). 

The point is, it seems kind of shocking and quick for John to have forgiven her, but there was a large chunk of time we did not see. This is typical Sherlock. The show has always been very quickly moving through days and months and years, with only bits of flashbacks and mentions to unseen events as clues as to what really happened during that time. 

But now back to John’s character.

What is John? He’s quick to trust the people he finds worthy of his trust, and by the looks of it, and quick to love those said individuals. He loves so fiercely and so loyally. That’s who John is. Where a normal person would probably file an immediate divorce and ostracize the individual that shot their best friend, John Watson needs time and space and MONTHS to think and brood and grieve, but he still loves so, so fiercely. His loyalty is that of a soldier, and it’s not something easily broken. He watched his best friend jump off a building claiming to be a fraud and didn’t believe a word of it for two years. TWO YEARS. While the media screwed Sherlock up the ass, John remained loyal despite watching the genius fall, both literally and figuratively. So yeah, Mary shot Sherlock. She messed up, she panicked, she needed to buy herself time so JOHN wouldn’t find out. She probably should have just knocked out Magnussen and immediately figured out something with Sherlock, but this is an ex-intelligence agent who probably has a good ten+ years of training and reflexes and when you’re in danger you don’t flight or fight you shoot and don’t ask questions. The fact that she didn’t go for a kill shot was her sentiment overruling her instincts, which were probably ingrained in her brain over and over and over. 

To be clear, I love Mary Watson. I loved her in The Empty Hearse, and I love her now. I understand some people don’t, but given the circumstances, I can 1000000% understand why John chose to forgive her. 

And to be totally honest this is really just word vomit and kind of incoherent, but the point is, John Fucking Watson loves. And when he loves, he loves unlike normal people do. He loves with so much loyalty that his wife, in search of redemption, will no doubt have. But with time. 

That, and despite his best intentions, he will absolutely listen to Sherlock and Sherlock is practically begging him to trust her, to not push her away. The way that Sherlock forgives and recognizes Mary for what she is is astounding in its own light and deserves its own post but I ain’t got time for that. 


"Look, Sherlock, this is the biggest and most important day of my life… and I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan and… you.” —John Watson and the time he broke Sherlock Holmes.

happy new years and a very happy sherlock day!