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Title: UnknownYou Are Moving
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: UnknownBe Still And Know
Played: 90 times

This is a contemporary Christian song that I wrote for an Easter service at church after the tsunami in Japan hit. We had several missionary families that were directly involved in the disaster, so it was something that I felt touched to write about. I don’t identify as Christian; despite my Christian upbringing, I feel a much greater tug towards faith and spirituality, and am always on the soul-searching quest of discovering just what it is I believe. So don’t feel pressured to listen if this isn’t your thing. I completely understand. Each to their own and so forth. The recording from the service was recently given to me, so I figured I’d upload it. Quality isn’t the greatest, but I hope you enjoy! :)

You Are Moving (download)
by Justine

you are moving
I can see it
disaster strikes and they reach out with a cry
you are moving
I can feel it
the earth quakes in fear of you, Lord

but the King of Kings had to die
he prayed “father”
he was scared like you and I
but he had the faith to know
that when they rolled that stone away
there would be no rotting body in the grave

you are moving
over the oceans
the waves leave behind debris and destruction
but you are moving
it’s been spoken
your hand it guides the healers as they tend to to the broken

but mighty Jesus had to die
He prayed until beads of blood rolled down his eye
but he had the strength to understand
that his god was stronger than the nails
pounded in his hand

but our Lord, he had to die
he was nailed upon the cross
and crucified
his blood shed for our sins
that we might live again with him

Title: UnknownMorning Light
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: UnknownAll For You
Played: 1239 times

Morning Light preview (original song)
by Justine

inspired by the relationships in the BBC series Sherlock, The Hunger Games, and the Syfy show Sanctuary; when you find someone who you let see you at your worst and they’d still have your back, that’s when you know you need them in your life.

falling off the deep end
becoming a little less human each day
and then you came

I was so lost
sitting in an empty room
waiting to be found

running through city lights
you took my hand
gave me someone who understands
what it’s like to be empty
what it’s like to be me

I never thought
I’d let anyone
look inside me and see
this darkness inside of me
we’ll face the day
it’ll be okay
come morning light
we’ll join the fight

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 489 times

My heart is actually pounding right now, just at the thought of sharing this song. It’s that personal. I wrote it ten minutes ago, and it’s nowhere near perfect yet. But I have a new mic, and a new recording system which I’m still learning and testing out. Bear with me—this is just a rough cut and a preview. Hopefully I’ll record the entire thing soon.

written and performed by Justine

you left a mark
it’s a deep cut, a permanent scar
I carry it around each day
to remind me what I overcame

escaping you was the best thing
I’ve ever done
you made me believe I was too far gone
kept holding onto the delusion
that you could change
that I could make
you better

how could you
play me like that
letting me think
that bruises weren’t so bad
how dare you
take advantage of me
who do you think you are
you can’t control me

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 1250 times

so this is a fairly shitty preview of that River/Eleven song I’m writing. I tried to record the whole thing but my voice just wasn’t holding up for it, and I tried so many times I got tired. this is my promise to try again tomorrow.

Don’t Go
Justine B

you got a haircut and a new tweed suit
showed up at my doorstep
just as I was missing you
you took me out
we danced, we laughed, we fell in love again
but there was sadness on your face

the night grew old, aged like fine wine
the painted sky became stars in the velvet sky
you took my hand and spun me round and round
whispered admissions in my ear and laid me down

and as I turned to leave
you tucked a hair behind my ear and said to me

darling, please don’t go
just another minute
there were tears falling down your face
can’t you stay a while
stay another moment
lying with me here
the universe is so complex
so impossible, so vast
we don’t know what we have left
darling, please don’t go
oh, no

fyi, if you’re looking for more of my music

You can always check out my songwriting tag. I’ll try to update it more, promise! You guys are such great motivation.

I also have a youtube channel with a couple old (like, really old - beware, the guitar skills need some help) videos up.

And if you want to really stalk me, on my old LJ, I have a bunch of songwriting clips and drafts and a few complete songs. But we’re getting into incredibly old, embarrassing territory, SO PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE. LOL.

Title: Unknown
Artist: UnknownJustine Benoit
Album: Unknown
Played: 290 times

"Letting Go"
by Justine B.

I never entertained the thought of
seeing you with more than
these friendly eyes
you’re so familiar
feel like home
but suddenly

you walked out of the door
with another head on your shoulder
it was then I knew you’d
never be mine
because when you’re with her
your smile’s so bright

I’m reaching, falling, changing
loving you
you’re drifting, leaving, finding love
and starting anew
if I had realized sooner
would it have changed a thing?
or was the one you always dreamed of
never me, never me?

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 889 times

"Running" (preview)
by Justine B.

I was just a little girl
looking up at the stars
in this great big universe
there you are
you reached out your hand
said you didn’t know why
but together we lept
into the night sky

and we were both running
both a little bit scared
because sometimes it’s hard
to love someone
but we’re gonna get there

and we danced among the stars
escaped unwinding galaxies
opened up our hearts
little by little
we began to see
it could all come crashing down
it could all fall in
darling, maybe it’s time
to stop running

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 419 times

Another Peter/Olivia song I’m working on. I posted the first one a few days ago, and you can find that here. Thanks for all your kind words on “Collide”, which was from Olivia’s perspective. This one is from Peter’s. I’d love to know what you think or if you have any ideas for me! Thanks.

Peter’s Song
by Justine Benoit

"she didn’t tremble when I touched her
when I looked she didn’t blush
yeah, she had an easy smile
and it gave me quite a rush
but she didn’t cling with desperation
just seduced me with her charm
didn’t let me take her burdens for her
for she was already safe from harm

there was no world upon her shoulders
and no haunting in her eye
she danced and laughed and I fell in love
I fell for a lie
but the truth is that I need you
you’re the one I want
your smile’s a little heavy
but your heart is full of love

if I’d never met you
I’d never see her the same
for the past two years remind me
we’ve come too far to play this game
it’s you and only you
let me lift your burdens here
the weight you carry with you
it’s too big for you, my dear
too big for you, my dear

she didn’t tremble when I touched her
she didn’t blush the way you do
you cling to me with desperation
and I fall in love with you”

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 180 times

This is a new Peter/Olivia inspired song I’m working on. No idea where this is going yet, or if there’s going to be an actual structure to it.

Vocals & guitar by me. This is a completely different sound than what I usually do, so I’d definitely appreciate the feedback.



you got a choice to make
you got a war to fight
which side will you take
will you stand by me tonight?
two worlds are crashing in
we both know the stakes are high
is this where we’ll begin?
is this where we’ll collide?

trying to see this from your angle
I’ve been locked in my own peripheral for too long
I know you’ve been hurt
but I went and burned your shirts
I couldn’t take it, couldn’t fake it anymore

so I poured my heart out
two lawn chairs, laid my cards out in the dark
I may have been unfair
but all I wanted was the truth
and just to know you care

you got a choice to make
you got a war to fight
which side will you take
will you stand by me tonight?
two worlds are crashing in
we both know the stakes are high
is this where we’ll begin?
is this where we’ll collide?