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Got my hair done burgundy and straightened which I never do. Top is the before, bottom two are the after. I LOVE IT! Never done a full color at the salon before, so this is very exciting. Just fillers and highlights in the past. I think I’m addicted now. I will still be wearing it wavy most days since that’s my natural hair and I am lazy, but I think straightening it makes it look super shiny and it’s something different. :)

I’m just having a hella good hair and make up day so have some selfies.

Got four inches taken off! Love my haircut. Makes my head feel so much lighter.

Anonymous asked:

I have a similar, uncontrollable, thick, wavy mess and I was wondering how you keep it under control? Like what anti-frizz products do you use idk just how do you manage it because I'm seriously fed-up with my thick, coarse, very wavy hair

I don’t really use any products, except for It’s A Ten Miracle Styling Serum. I guess I’ve just learned a few rules to dealing with coarse, wavy hair. 

  • Do not overwash! I get SO dry if I wash my hair too much. But since I am also on the oily side, I use dry shampoo on my roots. I shower every day, but I only wash my hair every 2 days. It’s so much easier to maintain that way. 
  • Try to stay away from heat! At least, for my hair, heat really disturbs it and makes me frizz out, even with a good heat protecting spray or serum. I wash my hair at night, sleep with it secured up and on a silk pillow case to keep from getting staticy. 
  • Do NOT brush when it’s not wet. That’s… just a dumb idea overall, which you probably know if you have wavy, thick hair.
  • My hair gets weighed down by too many products, so I keep it simple. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of styling mouse or that serum I mentioned, but that’s about it. My curls/waves look horrible if I add too much of anything.
  • When I go to bed at night, keeping my hair in a nice, secure bun keeps my waves from being frizzy the next day! Same would work with a braid etc.

I hope this helps. 


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