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you know how people look more attractive when you’re inebriated? sometimes when i’m tired and i download fonts the next day i’m just like full of regret as i go through my fonts because i’m like WHAT DID I SEE IN YOU???


Favourite fonts (a resource list):

a theme for murder | ambulance shotgun | angel tears | bebas neue | arvil | bambi bold | cassanet | century gothic | cooper black | couture | disco | eraser | franklin gothic | geared slab | gladifilthefte | habarahand | intro | kabel | leafyshade | oldystyle | ranger | airbag | metropolis | IM fell flowers | tetradecorative | ruritania | reed of love | lucida sans unicode | bookman old style | lobster | ptf nordic | xtreem | feast of flesh | blanch | justus | brokenmustangs | snickles | walkway | muchacho


›› My 6 Favorite fonts

↳ AldineCoco - Blessed Day - Homestead - Colors of Autumn -Ranger

margheriitas asked:

Justineeeeee what font did you use on your double exposure tutorial banner?

American Purpose :)

wargent asked:

hey babes! can u recommend fonts like from the last spoby gifset by primrosings?

I don’t think any of these are exact matches, but try these ones:

Hope that helps!

zip: x or x

I’ve been getting quite a few font questions lately, so here’s a pack featuring my most recently used fonts. Enjoy!

rs | mf

inspired by this.

I can’t find the message, but someone was asking about one of my fonts yesterday.

Going to direct you to this post, which is a font guide to basically all the fonts I have downloaded that I use. Hope it’s useful. :)

favorite fonts - font guide