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god will bless you and your face and your family and your cow if you write fic here 

Well, when I’m away and I actually get a chance to turn on the televison, I will be drawn to the sci-fi shows. Just because I think it’s such an interesting way to tell stories. You’re not limited by reality and I love to see the way that people who are making television are pushing the envelope. It looks entirely real and the situation may seem real and yet there is this fantastical element and people will react to that as if it’s normal. I love that. I think really, in a lot of ways it’s our generation’s way of telling stories. We’re not telling cowboy stories anymore and medical dramas come and go and there’s the cop shows but sci-fi seems to be one of those stalwarts that keeps coasting along becuase it keeps evolving.

reasons you should watch Sanctuary: the strong, savvy, beautiful, intelligent, independent women (who are also freaking gorgeous)

ships on grey seas
waves keep the time like my heartbeat
it’s an overture

reasons you should watch Sanctuary: the historical episodes and revisionist history

reasons you should watch Sanctuary: Amanda Tapping’s face.