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Hello, I’m the Doctor.

season 8 announcement: I’m the new companion. ;)

tbh vastra x jenny were a pretty static ship for me up until the finale. they were just the epic interspecies lesbians who conquered victorian london and made doyle write stories about them. BUT THE LOOK ON VASTRA’S FACE WHEN JENNY WAS SUDDENLY ERASED FROM TIME. THERE WAS SO MUCH PANIC THERE. SO MUCH LOSS. I DON’T KNOW THAT I’VE SEEN ANYONE LOOK THAT LONELY IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. 

they’ve been elevated to otp status for me. i demand a spin off.

just think tho

if clara ever remembers all the lifetimes she’s lived

maybe the doctor won’t feel so alone

clara oswin oswald
remember me, for we shall meet again 

an invisible staircase

got my spaceship, got my boys