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Anonymous asked:

honestly I don't give a shit what race you are, the fact that you don't understand the basic difference between prejudice (personal-level opinions and beliefs), discrimination (group-based opinions and beliefs that translate into action), and RACISM (societal-based actions due to power and prejudice) is OFFENSIVE.

I lied! I one last response publicly. Any more anons will be ignored, but I will respond personally to you if you’d like.

So, what you’re saying is that you find (from YOUR point of view) an uneducated person who has feelings… to be offensive? Do you know how that even sounds? What if I was, I don’t know, a completely uneducated person who never had the privilege of attending school and university but decided to share some of my personal feelings? So because in this hypothetical situation I’m uneducated and do not interpret certain terminology and experiences like you do, I a) have no right to speak (I’m silenced), and b) am offensive for my lack of skills or understanding (discriminated)?

I don’t find this point to be valid. Perhaps if you had worded it differently, or tried to approach this without belittling me, I’d have a different response for you or maybe even, I don’t know, agree? Learn? Be educated by you?

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Just an observation about the stuff that has happened surrounding your posts, and this isn't really in response to points made, just an observation: When discussing a point such as racism, you had to specify that you were a non-white female in order to stick up for hypocritical racism against white males. Also there were people who wanted to know your age and level of education in order to judge whether you were qualified to express your opinion. Do you get where I'm going with this?

I get entirely where you’re going with this. And it’s such a profound observation! Thank you!

by taking a stand against racism, is fandom actually being racist?



A completely random study on fandom, racism, and minorities. Feel free to agree or disagree, but just know that I mean no harm in these observations.

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Oh honey.

There are so, so, so many points you are shooting right over when presenting an argument like this and…I do not have the energy to explain it at all.

I would really prefer if you didn’t come across as if you’re belittling me for having a different opinion than you when addressing me and my post to your followers. Calling me ‘honey’ is rather demeaning, as is your overall elite tone, and I can freely say this since every other person who I’ve been discussing this with on my blog has addressed me with as much respect as I’ve addressed them—and I’d like to say that’s a lot.

From one woman of color to another (different colors, albeit), I’d really love to hear your thoughts in an informative and polite manner, instead of you blatantly degrading me.

If we are sharing stories, the place I grew up is split down the middle white/latino mainly. It was pretty common for groups of mexican kids to circle around white kids in the hallways and crunch together so that they couldn't get to their classes without fear of getting the shit kicked out of them. It was a preferred game of latin king wannabees. It was fun times.

That’s terrible! I hope it didn’t happen to you. Ever.

penaltywaltz asked:

I'm white. I had an African-American teacher fail me in a class I should have passed because I was white. I've had Latino customers who spoke English bypass me, other white co-workers and African American coworkers at my last job (as a commissioned salesperson) because I wasn't Latino and told me to my face that was why I lost the sale. Just because white people have privilege and are a majority doesn't mean they aren't victims of racism and prejudice as well.

Presented without further comment on the subject.

Also, though, I’m extremely sorry you’ve been a victim of this. It’s not fair, and it’s not justifiable. It’s as terrible as racism against any minority, and that’s that.

+ dozens of more answered under here

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Just wanted to say how much I agree with you! I was in a debate about racism before and it's just hard for me to believe that to have racism, one would need to have power as well (taken from the saying of prejudice + power = racism). I've even been told that a hate crime against a boy (who was attacked for being white) was prejudice but not racism. But yeah, getting to the point, I whole-heartedly agree that prejudice against someone for their race or color is racism.

This almost perfectly sums up my feelings, as well! Thank you!

Anonymous asked:

Here's an example that's a little more clear. (I'm not an expert on this by any stretch...) But, this is the definition that I found first on Webster or whatever for rape: "The crime, committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with him, esp. by the threat or use of violence." But that's NOT an appropriate definition of rape at all. That definition fails to take into account many different aspects of rape, such as the fact that women can rape AS WELL as men.

VERY good definition! Thank you. But I almost feel like this ask plays a little into my side of things, too? Because the definition of rape was so vague and limited to men raping women and not even taking into the idea of objects up until recently when the federal government finally modified it. But the thing is, a woman can rape a man, a man can rape a man, a transgender can rape a gender neutral identifying person. I feel like you could apply this to the idea of racism, couldn’t you? Just because the idea of racism is that a majority is oppressing a minority, it’s not always so black and white.