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fallapatorius replied to your post:

you should open the door and act like a zombie (i’m assuming if your sick you’re already halfway there anyways)

i legit got sent home from work because i looked pale. hahaha.

peggysolson replied to your post: this may be slightly ignorant of me, considering I…

It’s called the curse of canaan/ham, and originates from Genesis 9, when Noah’s son Ham was cursed to have his descendants be his brothers’ servants forever for punishment because he saw his dad naked. it’s really weird and confusing.

 ameliapond-thehistoryqueen replied to your postthis may be slightly ignorant of me, considering I…

There is no Biblical basis for segregation, but the story of Ham’s curse (Genesis 9) was taken out of context and used to claim that his descendents were the Africans. Also, NT passages about slavery were taken out of context and used.
I forgot about that. Thank you. This is going to help me in my argument against this crazy girl who thinks homosexuality is scientifically wrong. Her claims are mostly Biblical based (which I have no problems with, because she can believe whatever she wants to), but she’s trying to convolute them with these weird scientific facts. 
And obviously I know there’s no ACTUAL Biblical defense in favor of segregation. I was just wondering what they basically took out of context back then, to see how I can relate it to the irony that “homosexuality” wasn’t even a concept until the 18th century, and verses referring to it are mostly to do with things like gang rape, rape, abuse, and even lack of hospitality. 

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hiya Justine! You look pretty! :)

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you are so pretty!!!
god bless you and your family and your cattle and your future children and your future children’s children for thinking so when i look like this

grimgrinningghostballs replied to your post: I have never, ever heard a legitimate view from a…

That’s actually the whole point of separation of church and state and why I’m so FOR it. the government can’t tell a religion what to do or believe, but neither can a religion tell the government what’s right and wrong.


brittanias replied to your post: I have never, ever heard a legitimate view from a…

he certainly has a right, but it shouldn’t be law to choose to be a bigot? it can be his personal choice, but protecting straight people’s discrimination rights is sort of…the opposite of progress for human rights.

but it’s not “straight people discrimination rights”—it’s actually a religious right? bigoted, yes, indeed. but imo, a step forward for someone in the Christian community, while maybe not a step forward for America as a whole (yet).

weaponsofclassdestruction replied to your post: I have never, ever heard a legitimate view from a…

Doesn’t that open up the same issues as segregation used to? It used to be that a preacher didn’t have to marry two people of different skin color, simply because it didn’t hold with their beliefs.

Actually a very good point. I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of a church back then. I’d have no doubt disagreed with them, but I suppose I wouldn’t force them into marrying? 

This conflicts me a bit, ngl.

amelia-ponds replied to your photo: I can’t do a stereotypical smoky eye because of my…

pretty girl! x

saldkfdkljs, thank you. I blame the makeup though. 

starkandbark replied to your post: favorite characters from TWD

This is such a good list. Especially the last two answers.


kvothethespooky replied to your post: I respect your views esp since 3rd party voters are usually the most educated. :D What do you think it will take for 3rd party candidates to one day become strong competitors. I think the media will play a big part, because right now 3rd party candidates are completely shut out.

My theory is that the Republican party will become more and more extremist and less popular, and the Democratic party will shift to a centrist position in response and then splinter into smaller parties.

I can see that. Or, alternatively, both parties will become even more right-wing, left-wing extremist, thus broadening the gap and making more room for third parties.