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got my spaceship, got my boys 

married couples in the tardis → a british television comedy about a man who travels the cosmos with his wife and his in-laws

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draft of an Amy and Eleven song I’m working on, based off of that breathtaking scene in The Power of Three. hope you like what I have so far! I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Ponds. :(

your’e all grown up
and all moved out
you have a life for yourself
can’t decide if you want to paint
in colorful or shades of gray

don’t talk about your feelings
keep them safely tucked inside
we’re alike, you and I

I took your hand and held on tight
your fingers wrapped through mine
it’s a rare occasion but it’s so right

I’m coming home
before I watch you fade
I’m running to you
before you run away
thought I’d tell you how I feel
before you go and I’m
all alone my dear
all alone my dear 

the awkward but awesome moment when a model becomes an actress who plays a science fiction character who becomes a model. 

i’d rip time apart for you
amy x rory → requested by uzeous 

one condition: it has to be amazing”
doctor who + blue requested by anon 

you’ve waited long enough

the girl who waited