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forgive me, I only watched it once and not even all the way through out of disgust and being very uncomfortable with the lyrics + content. it would be pretty silly of me to think that all black people look alike when I’m stereotyped as looking like all other Asians!

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your voice is so pretty ahh


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when are you going to do more makeup guides or post music. or edits or something I Miss your stuff! (:

been in kind of a rl slump lately. uninspired and so, so, so busy with work + photography. i feel awful. :( my blog is mostly just queues these days. but i will say that i have some music in the works to upload and i’ll try to do a makeup look tomorrow. andddd i was thinking of doing some orphan black edits? 

i’m really sorry!

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ew what is that FROM?! "women and money".

Sanctuary. and if you can’t tell by her precious expression, she’s mocking the gender stereotype. IN FACT HELEN MAGNUS IS KIND OF JUST ONE GIANT WALKING FUCK YOU TO GENDER STEREOTYPES SO YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH.

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I AM DOING WELL. besides this cough ugh. IT WON’T GO AWAYYY. but other than that not bad :) going camping with the family this week so excited!

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I am thinking of getting a D3100, so I'm just wondering about how you like it? I've checked out your photos and they look amazing!! It really makes me wanna buy the camera now XD

I think it’s a fantastic camera, especially if you’re a newer DSLR user (or an experienced one, really). I mean, I’d love to save up for $3000 camera some day soon, but for now, this was much more in my budget and it’s amazing for the money.

I’d definitely recommend it.

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may I ask what camera + lens you use? your pictures make everyone look so flawless & professional, i have the d5000 with the lens kit but I want to invest in a good lens but idk which one i should go for first

actually that photo was taken with my friend’s point and shoot, but thank you! I have a nikon d3100 with a 50mm and a 200mm lens. you can check out my exif info on my flickr.

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what are your thoughts on John/Mary?

John Watson and Mary Morstan? I’m bloody excited for them. And yes, I’m a Johnlock shipper, too. A lot of people don’t realize these two relationships can coincide beautifully, as they have in many, many Sherlock adaptions. I’d ideally love Sherlock to, kind of against his own will, come to really enjoy Mary because she’s clever and feisty, and the two of them could bond over their fondness of John. I’m sure it would aggravate John (and appeal to him) to come home to find Sherlock and Mary giggling in the living room over something John characteristically did. :’)

Anyways, I am not surprised Mary is coming to BBC Sherlock since, you know, she’s a canon character. But I’m also certain that her demise will be canon, too, and probably play a pivotal part of the third series finale. JUST A GUESS THO. Either way, I’m excited. And the casting is so, so perfect! 

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what do you have blacklisted?

This has to be one of my most frequently asked anon questions, besides the ones in my faq. And I’m not really sure why? It’s just a collection of things that I don’t really want to see on my dash. Doesn’t mean I hate them or the people who like/post them; but for various personal reasons (and yes, sometimes something strongly associated with hate), I prefer my tumblr experience without them. 

I have a few musicians/bands, tv shows, ships, triggers, and a couple things I don’t want to be spoiled for, just like everyone else who uses tumblr savior probably does. I feel like actually posting my blacklist might piss a few people off, so I’m just going to save everyone the trouble and not do it.

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you is too perfect omg. i love eVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BLOG <3