Small Grey Outline Pointer
Anonymous asked:

did you use topaz for this? if so, what are you settings? /post/31695723599

I don’t have Topaz. To get a blurry effect, I did these things once I was done coloring:

  • select all -> copy merged -> paste
  • set that layer to soft light, apply a gaussian blur of 20, and desaturate
  • select all -> copy merged again -> paste
  • go to filter -> noise -> reduce noise

I don’t remember my exact settings, but I didn’t use a strength of more than a 5, and I increased my “preserve details” and “sharpen” options.

  1. undoingthelaces said: I feel like we are the only two Photoshoppers on Tumblr who don’t have/use Topaz. HIGH FIVE YO.
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