Small Grey Outline Pointer

could you someday do a brief tutorial on how to get this effect if you don't mind? /post/29507733184/the-woman-professionally it doesn't have to be now! whenever you have a little time I'd appreciate it :) thanks a lot and if you didn't notice by now I'm in love with your edits :P

To be honest, that is SUPER easy, so let me just lay it out in a few steps.

  • I extended the background by selecting the cap above her head and then ctrl+t to stretch it to the top. You may need to use the blur tool to smooth out some rugged parts. 
  • The coloring was easy and if I remember, I mostly used curves and soft light layers (a soft pink and a light brown set to soft light). Probably a tiny bit of color balance. But it was under ten layers, I remember.
  • Then I went to blur -> motion blur and applied a light blur to the image (after I flattened it/merged my layers). 
  • After that, I went to filter -> artistic -> film grain and it looks like a grain of 2. Not sure what my highlights were though. 
  • I used a texture from set to multiply, although I’m not sure which one. But there’s so many beautiful choices at that website!
  • The text was easy. Times New Roman and rotated (ctrl+t), plus I used the marquee tool to make white rectangles. 

I hope this helps!

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