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Even mothers have to do as they’re told sometimes, don’t they?


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"On My Own" (from Les Mis)

I love this song since I can remember. Maybe some day I’ll get to play the part of Eponine, but for now, please enjoy my recording. It’s not perfect. I did this in one take, so please forgive any little background noises (and the fact that I didn’t hold the last note long enough, oops!). 

I hope you enjoy my rendition. :) And sorry if you saw this twice. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version, lol.

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Chance, chaos, coincidence.

Anonymous asked:

i seriously did not know you could sing so well i'm sittin here in awe

*blushes* thank you!

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Anonymous asked:

congrats on doing so well in college! ur a fab person and im really happy for you <3

well thank you beautiful anon! <3

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i know i’ve only just finished my first week of school, but i’m doing so well and it makes me cry. in high school, i had a lot going on. i was suffering physically with health issues and had to miss a lot of school, so i fell behind in my studies most of the time and would end up with C’s in most classes. i also just… didn’t care. i was bored and not interested in my classes (and yet got a 32 on my ACT, so… not unintelligent by any means). it was just not a good time in my life, physically or mentally, and i rarely got anything above average grades. sometimes i even flunked. 

and here i am back in university after being out for like six years. and i’m doing so well. aced my first algebra exam, excelling in communications and already have a shit ton of extra credit for volunteering to do the public speaking every day. my music classes are amazing. i’m just.. so happy. i may be poor right now and jobless, but i am happy and doing well in school. 

it just goes to show you that, despite how shitty hs may have been, you CAN flourish in college. you have the ability to! you just have to believe in yourself. 

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