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Even mothers have to do as they’re told sometimes, don’t they?


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"On My Own" (from Les Mis)

I love this song since I can remember. Maybe some day I’ll get to play the part of Eponine, but for now, please enjoy my recording. It’s not perfect. I did this in one take, so please forgive any little background noises (and the fact that I didn’t hold the last note long enough, oops!). 

I hope you enjoy my rendition. :) And sorry if you saw this twice. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version, lol.

involved? i’m not involved

Chance, chaos, coincidence.

Anonymous asked:

i seriously did not know you could sing so well i'm sittin here in awe

*blushes* thank you!

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Anonymous asked:

congrats on doing so well in college! ur a fab person and im really happy for you <3

well thank you beautiful anon! <3

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